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(If you know how informational business works and basic ways of bringing in search engine traffic, you can skip the “intro” part and proceed to the “Step 3”
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How many articles on search engine optimization (SEO) are out there?
How many legitimate “SEO professionals” do you know?
Do you want more theory? Do you want another guru?
Then close this tab. Seriously.
Because Continue reading

Start With Why Review

Most people who have read the book found out about the concept of “Start With Why” from Simon’s “Ted Talk” called “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.” Since 2010, when the video was posted, it has gained so far an astonishing 17 million views (link). That places Simon’s presentation in third place by popularity among other Ted videos which is quite an achievement (the first two are Continue reading

Yelp advertising logo on white background

The biggest challenge for any small business is “how to get customers” and Yelp advertising will partially solve it. Customers are the holy grail of a new company. They provide much needed cash flow and motivate the whole organization to continue developing a great company. 
Your product or services might be amazing, your business model might be a breakthrough in your industry, your employees might be top notch craftsmen, but unless you are getting enough sales from old or new customers – you don’t have a business.
“How do I get customers?” should be the number one question an entrepreneur asks himself before Continue reading

Pebble watch review

The Pebble Watch became one of the first commercial smartwatches available for the general public. “Smart” what? Yes, smartwatch. Just like a phone became a smartphone, once it started to perform millions of other tasks besides making a call, a regular watch now has become a smartwatch. Naturally you would wonder: “So what are those amazing tasks that a smartwatch can do? Can I travel in time now?”  Continue reading

craigslist small business marketing


Let Me Introduce You to Azam.

When Azam was 17 he came to the US from Uzbekistan to build the American dream and has been occupied with this truly noble deed for the last 9 years. I met him at one of NYC’s  many “English as a Second Language” School which I was attending myself. Those schools, by the way, are always filled with types of people – young hustlers who are looking for challenges in life and are ready to move away from the comfort of their native cultures, languages, and countries. Azam is one of those who helps make NYC a melting pot, a city of dreams and inspirations like no others.

One of Azam’s friends was a Continue reading

clear iphone memory

While using your Phone, iPad or iPod, over time, you may encounter a problem of running out of memory. It is especially common among owners of 16 gb versions of Apple devices and those who like to keep all their iTunes music library in their pockets.
Are you ready to delete all your favorite music, photos and podcasts?   Ok ok, I hear your objections. There is a way to free up a little memory without giving up your digital appetite.

Apps that keep consuming memory

Unfortunately for Continue reading

craigslist small business

If you have a business idea and are thinking of launching it and making it your full time occupation, you should read this article and take into account my personal experience of building an iPhone repair business.

You are going to learn that there are two categories of businesses: traditional and innovative. The “traditional” business category includes businesses that are operating in an established market of product and services. Examples are: restaurants, barber shops, architecture firms, handyman / repairs, etc. The main disadvantages of this category are it is boring and it has truly bloody competition. The main advantage is an established market of customers. How is that an advantage? You open a landscape design firm, and people who need their backyard done nicely might come to you the very next day. They know Continue reading

speed reading article

     It won’t be a surprise if I tell you that, in this age of informational pollution, two out of five of our senses – sight and hearing – are constantly bombarded with all sorts of information. That information wants to be heard, seen, perceived and digested. That information also wants to influence our opinions, decisions, and thoughts. 
Just a couple of decades ago, before development of mass media, the ability of finding information was a valuable skill to have. There were simply not enough news sources. Now, there is no problem in finding information. It is out there, in any possible form, ready to be consumed. And every second, the amount of Continue reading

good to great summary

“Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t” was written by James Collins and published in 2001. Collins’s first book called “Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies” was co-authored with Jerry Porras and published in 1994. Both books can be categorized as “management in big companies.”   


          Collins wanted to show how to take a good organization and turn it into one that produces sustained great results, using whatever definition of results best applies to your organization. Keeping this objective in mind, a team of twenty-one people performed research that Continue reading

crossing the chasm book summary

If you are anything like me, you’ve probably Googled “best books for entrepreneurs.” Because of Google’s rules on how it displays search results, we see links to articles written recently and placed on the currently authoritative website. Therefore, after browsing a couple of search results, you will encounter about 10 – 15 books that were written in the last 5, maximum 7 years. In other words, books that are relatively “young.” Great books are “great” only because they stay useful even after decades have passed and new generations are still able to extract value and solve their never ending problems. Is a 5-year-old book really great and worth your time or is it just a Continue reading