Vine video sharing

Getting familiar with the Vine video app.

First – the Vine application lingo:

  • The Vine – (noun) the app itself. Usage: “-Just got that Vine app. I’m hooked!”
  • vine- (noun) short 6 seconds video made with the Vine app. Usage: “-Bored? Let’s go do some deviant vines!”  
  • viner- user of the Vine app. Usage: “-So what do you do? – I’m a viner. – Bye.”
  • vining – (verb) activity of thinking, creating or watching vines. Usage: “-WTF is going on here? – It’s not what you are thinking! We are vining. “
  • vineFamous – (adjective) being able to clean your vine’s comments from “Follow for follow”. Usage: “Since he became vineFamous, he  lost all his real friends.”
  • vineMoney – (noun) money made with the Vine app (by far, exist only in theory). Usage: “Look what I got with all those vineMoney!”


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          A social iPhone (and since June 3rd – Android) app. It is also one of the best video sharing applications. Vine allows you to make 6 seconds looping video, easily embed it right into your tweets or share it on facebook. No filters, no pictures. All you have is 6 seconds. Relationship between viners is a lot like in “Instagram” – you can follow someone to see his/her vines, you can be followed by someone. You can’t message to anyone, only comment under his/her vines. You have a “Home” where the vines of those  you follow are located; “Explore” where you can find other viners by their names, find vines by hashtags, see what vines getting the most likes (“Popular Now”) and see vines by categories (“Channels”); “Activity” where you see who liked your vines or who mentioned your name in comments or vine descriptions; “Profile” where you can see your videos, comments to them and who liked them, your followers, whom you are following and general setting to your Vine account;


Vine video sharing iphone app

Vine app interface

          The first time I heard about the Vine app was in February’13 NYTech Meet up . Vine wasn’t showing a demo on the stage, but after the event at the social hour many were talking about it. I’ve been told that it’s a product of “Twitter labs”. So I concluded that it’s twitter’s new technology of posting short videos embedded in twitter’s app. But in order to create a vine, you have to download the app separately from Twitter. As a standalone app, I didn’t see anything interesting in it since nothing new was presented. As far as I remember, among the first apps that allowed you to shoot short videos were Socialcam and Viddy. They were already called “Instagram” for videos. Take a look at this article about Viddy’s possible future written on April 2012 (probably the peak of their popularity) that predicts Viddy to be the next $1b company. Unfortunately buzz about first social video apps grew fast and died even faster. Frankly, I didn’t expect Vine to succeed especially while competing with a 50 million users giant – Viddy (as of February’13). I still downloaded Vine to play around a little.


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          The last thing that I was looking for is another way of procrastination. Vine became a mini youtube for me. Next thing I knew – I’m checking “Popular now” category everyday before going to bed. Flat and easy design, instagram-like lay out of content, “likes” and comments – made the Vine app experience perfect for time killing.

People think you are funny? Try the Vine app.

Vine iphone video app

Making and sharing vines is extremely easy.

          Back in February Will Sasso’s vine with lemons was made an “Editor’s Pick”. It became the biggest hit and many viners were remaking them. Another prominent resident of the “Popular Now” page were Chris Delia and Adam Goldberg. Although the categories in the “explore” tab were named “How to”; “Remake” and “Loop” – 99% of the most famous viners were comics. My first thoughts were “You should really have some acting skills and a good sense of humor to get popular on Vine”. In my opinion, Vine is one of the best venues to tell the world how funny you are. Try to make someone laugh in 6 seconds, or try to express a life experience or a life observation in such a short period of time. While working under such constrains – only those who naturally enjoy comedy will get “vineFamous”.

  • Dmitriy

    nice post, buddy!

  • Zhenya

    Thanks Dima,
    Have you tried Vine? What do you think?
    I think it’s different from instagram or viddy and will stay around for longer. The main reason – there is a community formed in vine, something that viddy failed to do.

  • Zhenya

    I discovered that in 2008 “Seesmic” was doing short video sharing. Latter in 2010, “Tout” app appeared in the AppStore. It had also 15 seconds of video and allowed you to share your “touts”. The Vine app is a knock off of the Tout app 3 years latter.